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  1. Buy/Sell
    Selling my pedal commander PC79. New job, new truck, so I have to let this baby go. I only had it for about 8 months in my 2020 Pro4X and loved every second of using it. Works great, Ebay won’t let me post it, so I’m trying here. $200 + free shipping. PC79 for Nissan Titan Trucks (2016 and...
    $200 USD
  2. Titan Performance Modifications
    Hello all. I'm curious what others are getting in gas mileage. I've got an 04 SE with a kingcab. I was down at 6 mpg so I pulled and cleaned my injectors. I'm up to 11 mpg, but am curious what everyone else is getting. Google says between 12 and 14 mpg. Anyone with an 04 getting that?
  3. Titan General Discussion
    Hello everybody, I am new to Titantalk and the truck. I just bought an 07 Titan from my local credit union. They had the truck listed as an XE, which I think is the baseline model or- Ex Wife edition as I have heard it called. Anyway, they sold it to me as an XE but it has a crome bumber and...
1-3 of 3 Results