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  1. install w/ pics of my Hella Optilux Halo 2500's!

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Let me just say.. i didnt really know wtf i was doing and was distracted half the time... total time taken w/ prep and install.... about two hours (most of it being zip tie-ing and making it look perty) pics coming up ... as soon as photo bucket decides it will finally go.
  2. Why is HALO better than the competition?
    HALO automotive is a manufacturer of very high quality Japanese lighting products. HALO not only provides top notch products, but warranties that are among the best in the industry. From its establishment, Halo has been committed to creating lighting products that not only perform well and look...
  3. Any XBOX 360 gamers on this site?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Hello people. Im walt aka WCF PUSHER The overlord of a 6 year old clan of older gamers. I was just looking for more gamers to add to our clan roster...we are being featured on the xbox community next month! we are a great group of people who just like to game and have fun. so if your looking for...
  4. Are the projector, or angel eye headlights worth buying??

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    I saw a picture of some angel eye headlights on a titan the other day and am thinking of getting them now. what do you all think about them??