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  1. October Frozen Rotor Sale!

    Frozen Rotors
    October Frozen Rotor Sale! Go to and use the promo code “titan2019” when checking out and receive a 15% discount. Now is your chance to get a great deal on a set of our long-lasting cryogenically processed brake rotors. Pair our Frozen Rotors with a set of Hawk LTS brake...
  2. R1 Concepts| Flash Sale on Rotors & Brake Pads!

    R1 Concepts Inc
    2004-02/05 FT/RR E-line Series Drilled & Slotted Rotors (Silver Zinc) FT/RR R1 Premium Ceramic Brake Pads (low dust) Total: $215 Shipped FT/RR E-line Series Drilled & Slotted Rotors (Silver Zinc) Total: $160 Shipped 4/07-2015 FT/RR Premier Series Drilled & Slotted Rotors FT/RR R1 Premium...
  3. R1 Concepts| New Years Limited Flash Sale on Brake Kits & Rotors!

    R1 Concepts Inc
    Happy New Year! This limited time flash sale is only for drilled & slotted rotors for the specific years listed below. Prices are at a great price so be sure to take advantage of this sale! BRAKE KITS FT/RR E-LINE SERIES DRILLED & SLOTTED ROTORS (SILVER ZINC) FT/RR PREMIUM CERAMIC BRAKE PADS...
  4. R1 concepts end of the year sale!!

    R1 Concepts Inc
    To end off the year, we would like to off all of the members on this site to an END OF THE YEAR SALE on all rotors and brake pads! Price are valid until January 1st! R1 Concepts Inc. is proud to offer Premium Nissan Titan Rotors! I am offering the Premium series rotors which are made with...