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  1. Hunting season 08

    Hunting / Fishing
    OK I know hunting season isn't over yet but I am going to post the pic's of some of the stuff we killed so far. we've killed more deer and hog's I just didn't get pic's of them. In order, Rick's 4 point, Kent's 8 point, My dad's spike(I know some people is going to say that the spike aint...
  2. What should I do?

    Hunting / Fishing
    Ok I'm 15 and just bought my first rifle less then 3 month's ago it's a Steven's(Knock off model Savage) 7mm-08 I love the caliber but it's messing up on me. I've missed 4 deer this year because I miss the first shot and when I get ready to shoot again it either will not jack another round into...