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  1. I thought it's not going to be loud !!

    Titan Performance Modifications
    My stock exhaust cracked ,so I installed Banks Monester exhaust yesterday and already have Stillen long tube headers, But after I drive my car for 1 day I thought it's a little bit loud for my taste!! So what I can do? Is there any silencer can be install it with this exhaust?? since selling...
  2. Rack and Pinion

    Titan Suspension
    Today I went to make a u-turn and my truck didn't want to turn. Pulled off on the side of the road and noticed the rack and pinion was pissing fluid all over. None of the connections were leaking and from just briefly looking at it, it looks like the body of the rack and pinion is coming...
  3. Bullydog and shifting = serpentine belt broke

    Titan Performance Modifications
    All, Just got BDPP about a month ago. Love the WOT removal. Have a problem though when I hammer it from stop. Truck seems to rev to 6200 rpm immediately due to tire roasting. Here's the deal. I haven't been able to stay in it and wait until a second gear shift due to the fact I'm watching...
  4. Chrome for black mirrors?

    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in trading their chrome regular small mirror covers for my black ones?
  5. Interest in REAL Carbon Fiber parts....

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hey guys, after reading a little bit on the forum, i figured i would make this available.. Who wants REAL carbon fiber parts for their Titan? I have a guy who does AWESOME work and i've been thinking about having him make some accent pieces for the titan.. What are some things you guys would...
  6. DIY: Rear Window Screen

    Titan FAQ & How to Area
    Basically, I prefer the windows down vs. A/C. One thing I can't stand is debris flying in from the rear window. Problem solved with this DIY. It's easy and inexpensive. Products were purchased from Lowe's or any hardware store. Items needed: Screen (black or charcoal) Screen frame Screen...
  7. Help me out guys I need your vote!!!

    Off-Topic Discussion Vote for my buddies sister PLEASE! Here name is Katy and she is currently in 4th place, she needs to clench top 3 in order to win. I think we can help her do it!!!
  8. Parting out 08 Pro 4x

    Sadly my sister totaled my truck and I had let the insurance lapse.... It is an 08 Black Pro 4x. I had a 6" Pro Comp kit on it. Everything is good except for the front Suspension which is tossed badly. Reply with inquires for parts. Basically ill sell everything for 50% cost of a new part...