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  1. Wtb: Injen, cortex< or possibly uprev.

    Hello all, i am currently in the market for an intake prefer injen but will consider other. Also lookin for a Cortex or Uprev depending on the price> im located in central tx. Let me know what ya got cuz ive got money burnin a hole in my pocket!!!!
  2. Injen Installed

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Here are a couple photos of the Injen intake installed.
  3. CAI, Exhaust, & Chip - Xtreme Package from

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm planning on installing the Banks Exhaust system and I came across this package deal from that gives you the Banks Exhaust, Injen CAI, and Stillen performance programmer. It says all-in-all you will add about 90-95hp from stock. I read on the forums that the Injen...