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  1. Enter to win a FREE K&N Cold Air Intake for your vehicle!!!

    Titan Performance Modifications
    AutoAnything is hooking you up with a giveaway for a FREE K&N Cold Air Intake. ---> ENTER HERE<---
  2. NEW Titan Intake Kit Made by Trueflow in AZ.

    HI, I have a brand new intake. Pics below. I want $168 shipped. I know I am new here, but I can take a pic of my user id and location and phone number. Located in Sacramento, CA. I bought this to replace my oem restrictive intake box, but never got around using it. Sold the truck...
  3. Hypertech E-Con bad experience

    Titan General Discussion
    Hi Guys. I've recently installed the Hypertech E-Con (economy tuner) in my 2005 Titan and experienced a DROP in fuel economy. First, let me go on record as saying that, in an attempt to squeeze every drop of fuel, I have been driving like a little old lady for several months now. I...