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    Hello Everyone, What kind of interest is there in the Rigid Industries branding of lights? Some guys love em, Some think they are over priced. What Rigid part numbers are on your wish list? We have have done a lot of installs for the other makes of truck guys and they are a top quality light for...
  2. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Looking for LED OffRoad Lights for your Nissan Titan? This affordable LED Light bar is high in quality and will turn darkness into daylight!!! MADE IN THE USA!!! Total Automotive Performance Proudly sells: BullDog LED Off Road Lighting Bulldog-Lighting© was established in 2011 by a...
  3. Titan Parts & Accessories
    The TAP Auto Parts team was blown away at some of the new LED technology debuted at SEMA this year. All the major LED light manufacturers were displaying awesome new gear which included improved optics, stronger housings, curved LED light bars, smart controller technology and processor upgrades...
  4. Titan Parts & Accessories
    I've been reading this site off and on for a few days now and I haven't seen a direct answer to a question I have. Many Many Many posts skirt the issue and come close, but I'm still not convinced. Are there any drop in LED light bulbs for the Titan that do not require you to hack the harness...
  5. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Ok, So I wanted the turn signal/ marker light combo like the fords and now tundras have. The ford mirrors are so different than ours that frankenstein-ing in one of them just wasnt gonna happen. So I ordered a set off that come on the tow mirror equipped tundras. Luckily...
  6. Buy/Sell
    I have a 2007 CC and tried to blackout my taillights by painting and then clearcoating them and they look like CRAP!!! :ftard::bangit: I want to buy new ones. Anyone got some they wanna sell, factory or otherwise? How Much????? (Shipped to 32092, St Augustine FL) Thanks, Josh
1-6 of 8 Results