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  1. Electronics
    What is the 2nd plug connection attached to the fog lights? I just put LED in which btw won’t come on. I’m sure the fuse is blown but does anyone know what that plug is or is it even usable
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    New to the community, and I just picked up a 2007 Titan LE with HIDs. I tried hooking up LEDs to the fogs and DRL and they wont work.... funny thing is if I hook up on halogen and one led the leds works but the halogen is very dim.....Bulds are brand new and not some cheap set. Wondering if the...
  3. Titan Interior Discussion
    I want to add some 3mm LEDs to the interior connected to the dash lights. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best place (or places) to tap into the wiring harness. Thanks!
  4. Titan Parts & Accessories
    I ordered all my LED'S and HID'S from the same guy [email protected] "armaden" on the armada forum. I see DDM'S everywhere on the net and with good reviews though I found some negative things like wiring being backwards or packaging mistakes. Old ddm units can cause static on your...
  5. Titan Parts & Accessories
    In spite of the name, no HP or MPG improvement, but I installed a pair of Putco Rocket Stainless Steel Bed rails with LEDs in the back end. The instructions weren't very good, but it only took about 30 minutes. I'm pleased with how they turned out. Although it doesn't show very clearly in the...
1-5 of 5 Results