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  1. Titan Suspension
    If anyone could point me to a picture or thread with a titan s lifted that would be great as I'm trying to get what it would look like. Most lifted trucks end up being pro 4x's and SV's or XD's. Thanks in advance!
  2. tempImageJviE8K.png

    Super Springs Sumo Springs installed.
  3. Titan General Discussion
    Hello everyone I’m new to this community but glad to be here, I recently bought my 2007 2wd Titan and was debating on either getting a 2in level or 2.5in level. It would be amazing if y’all could share some of your leveled or stock trucks to see which one would work for me
  4. Titan Suspension
    Total Auto Performance - Las Vegas, NV 702-979-1577 | 888-244-6166 TAP Auto Parts is TitanTalk's top source for replacement shocks including the popular Bilstein 5100 & 5125 offroad shocks. We have stocked up on all models to better supply the forum members. Orders are now shipping...
  5. Titan Parts & Accessories
    I have a 2008 Titan SE, I would like to install a leveling kit. Just wondering if anyone could recommend a specific height to level my truck, and allow me to install either Pro Comp 275/65R18 or preferably Pro Comp 305/60R18. I want the front to be the same height as the back, so let me know...
  6. Titan General Discussion
    i have a leveling kit and stock 18in rims. i want to put some 35s on it like it is. i thinking **** cepek mud countrys... does anyone no if i can fit that on my truck???? its a 2007 crew cab 4X4 with a leveling kit. to be honest i dnt no how high it is because i bought this way. so it looks like...
  7. Titan General Discussion
    i have a 04 Titan SE, its only a 2 wheel drive. im debating to lift it, lower it, or just level it off. advice or input anyone?
1-7 of 7 Results