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leveling kit

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  2. leveling kit advice

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    I have a 2008 Titan SE, I would like to install a leveling kit. Just wondering if anyone could recommend a specific height to level my truck, and allow me to install either Pro Comp 275/65R18 or preferably Pro Comp 305/60R18. I want the front to be the same height as the back, so let me know...
  3. Need Help

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Guys, I new so bear with me. I just bought an 08 Nissan King Cab Long Wheel base. Love the truck but planning some mods and need answers. Taking stock wheels of and replacing with aftermarket 18x9 with a -12 offset. Going to level out and need to know what size good meaty tire I could go with...
  4. pro comp stg 1 + leveling kit??

    Titan Suspension
    im new to the site ive done a little researching but what im wondering is i have a 2wd titan and i have the pro comp 6 inch stage 1 what i wanna do is add the 2inch or 2.5 spacer on top of the lift and also take out the 3 inch block in the rear and add the fabtech 4 inch block am i going to have...
  5. To Level or Not to Level....?

    Titan General Discussion
    Okay, So Im debating on wheather or not to get a level put on my truck, or just go with a full on lift. Im only gonna get about a 4 in lift, the problem Im having is I have had people tell me the leveling kit causes the ride to not be as smooth. The leveling kit is cheaper but the lift seems...
  6. ive got a leveling kit... want 35s

    Titan General Discussion
    i have a leveling kit and stock 18in rims. i want to put some 35s on it like it is. i thinking **** cepek mud countrys... does anyone no if i can fit that on my truck???? its a 2007 crew cab 4X4 with a leveling kit. to be honest i dnt no how high it is because i bought this way. so it looks like...
  7. BDS Mini Lift Kit

    Titan Suspension
    So I ended up buying the BDS leveling kit that is 2.5" in the front and 1" in the back. Should have it installed this or next week. Does anyone else have this kit? I went with it over the PRG because I have friends from our local 4X4 shop that recommended it. Now I have seen all the pictures...
  8. If i have a 2" strut extension on the front can i put a 1.5 inch lift in back????

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    If i have a 2" strut extension on the front can i put a 1.5 inch lift in back???? I have a 2" strut extendor in the front to make it level with the back but if i hook the boat up it mite sink in the back and make the front rise..... I heard somone saying i can put a 1.5" lift in the back and...
  9. WTT: Level kit for 20" OEM wheels

    Wanting to trade a 4x4 2.5" leveling kit with rear block for unwanted 20" OEM wheels. THe kit has only been on a few months, but looking to upgrade suspension. Located in ID, so shipping would be involved. Will pay to ship wheels.
  10. 3" leveling spacer problems

    Titan Suspension
    i just installed a 3" leveling spacer kit and instantly am getting a knock when hitting a decent bump and seems like the ride is rougher. ive made sure everything is tight and noticed that the upper A arm is pulled down pretty far and is close to the top of the spindle. i found this other 3"...
  11. WANTED: Leveling Kit 2008

    looking for a leveling kit for my 2008.5 titan. thought about getting a lift, but figured gas mileage would be a bit more important for now :) (or rather what little more it would get) my friends have told me that once you get the leveling kit, you'd want to go with a lift anyway; hoping to see...