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  1. Electronics
    Closest dealership is 100 miles away, so starting here. Just bought a slightly used (7K miles) 2021 Titan Pro4X. Using the key fob, button on outside or inside of doors, the only lock that works is the driver's door. The front passenger door will unlock, but not lock. The back door locks do...
  2. Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Thanks in advance for any help. I had an 05 CC and just got a Nissan Certified 2008 CC now here is the issues I'm having. If all doors are closed and I start her up the door locks will not automatically lock up as in my old 05. as I'm driving I will lock all doors however sometimes by it self...
  3. Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    I just got a 2006 titan LE, had it for almost 2 weeks now and all has seemed ok. I just noticed tonight an intermittent problem with the door lock buttons on both the passenger and drivers door. Neither button will work to unlock the doors. Lock seems to work most of the time, but earlier it...
  4. Titan General Discussion
    I got keyless entry installed on my 05 titan xe but i also wanted to add power windows. What can i do or where do i go to get the actual switches that go in the truck and also where is a good place to get the motor for the power windows?
  5. Titan General Discussion
    I cannot get in my truck unless I put my key in the drivers door and turn it so that the window comes down, then I have to reach in and open the door with the inside handle. However there is some sort of problem that is causing the battery to drain if the truck sits for about 2 weeks. If I let...
1-5 of 5 Results