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m101 is an asshat

  1. Got a new ride and 1st&2nd kill by same guy!

    War Stories
    Well i picked up a new 2011 Power Wagon and was on my way to dinner when something caught my eye. It was an old busted titan with some ghetto fabulous wheels and stickers. I turned my head so he wouldn't get upset that we were laughing at him. His ears must have started buring cuz he look my...
  2. Ebay turbo?

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Nissan Titan T3T4 Turbo Charger Kit: eBay Motors (item 260431987716 end time Jul-14-10 12:14:29 PDT) Anyone know anything about this?
  3. Video: Titan blows radiator during dyno run.

    Titan General Discussion
    YouTube - Nissan Titan Dyno (busted Radiator)
  4. twin turbo titan on ebay (don't know if it is a repost)

    Titan Performance Modifications
    eBay Motors: Nissan : Titan (item 220309493082 end time Nov-19-08 12:50:57 PST)