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  1. Mini Lift Pics from Boise

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Since I got my new camera I've been snapping a few pics of my truck every once in a while that I thought I'd share. Might be boring to some since I don't have a 6" lift on 35s but I know a few of you guys have been wanting to see the mini lift so here ya go. Just the 2.5" up front and 1.5" in...
  2. More Boise Snow Pics! (better)

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    So my buddy, Jack and I got a 6er of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and went for another cruise up 8th St. today, (for the few of you that know this area) and had a great drive. Found a bit more of the white stuff. Even got into some hairy situations. Again, I must say that I'm more than impressed with...
  3. PRG Mini Lift Rear Block Question

    Titan Suspension
    Hi everyone, Ive been searching the threads for about a week now and haven't exactly found what I'm looking for. I have an 05 KC 4x4 LE, and am going to order a PRG mini lift (preferably tonight). Ive been in contact with Greg, but my main question is... Does anyone have pics of both the...