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  1. Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Since I got my new camera I've been snapping a few pics of my truck every once in a while that I thought I'd share. Might be boring to some since I don't have a 6" lift on 35s but I know a few of you guys have been wanting to see the mini lift so here ya go. Just the 2.5" up front and 1.5" in...
  2. Titan Pictures & Media Post
    So my buddy, Jack and I got a 6er of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and went for another cruise up 8th St. today, (for the few of you that know this area) and had a great drive. Found a bit more of the white stuff. Even got into some hairy situations. Again, I must say that I'm more than impressed with...
  3. Titan Suspension
    Hi everyone, Ive been searching the threads for about a week now and haven't exactly found what I'm looking for. I have an 05 KC 4x4 LE, and am going to order a PRG mini lift (preferably tonight). Ive been in contact with Greg, but my main question is... Does anyone have pics of both the...
1-3 of 3 Results