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  1. Titan General Discussion
    Hi people I'm just curious as to what modifications you have done to your Titan any year any trim level. And any suggestions for others that might be interested. Like me for example I have done a few modifications myself I have a Fitch fuel catalyst inline on the fuel line coming into the...
  2. Titan Performance Modifications
    So I noticed on the older Titans there have been a lot of guys that modified their air boxes for a "budget performance" intake. Has anyone played around with the newer 5.6 Titans with any success? I just dropped in a K&N filter and was hoping to get the throaty sound on throttle as is common...
  3. Titan General Discussion
    So with a possible meet coming up in early march I was wondering if anybody knows of any cosmetic and/or performance mods that i can do to get my titan a little bit more. I have pics of my T in my sig and listed is everything ((not much)) that i have done. remember $$ is tight right now like a...
  4. Titan Performance Modifications
    Well, this site is a great reference tool for Titans, so I wanted to give back..I just installed new Projector Halo "angel eyes" headlights. I will post pics when I take them tonight. But if you have and questions about the install of them, I will be more than happy to steer you in the right...
  5. Titan Performance Modifications
    Ive done a lot of research through this site before deciding on modifications on my Titan. What I ended up deciding on was a Volant CAI Powercore with scoop, Stillen HP radiator, JEB stainless steel headers (shorties) Billy Boat catback exhaust (dual in/one out) and the Superchip flashpaq. Given...
  6. Titan Performance Modifications
    just finished doin the air box mod was to easy!!!! thanks for everyones post on how to do it!!!
  7. Buy/Sell
    I will sell this exhaust that was on my truck for a week for $675 shipped. I have it boxed and ready to go. I tried selling this last year for $800 with no takers. I want it out of my garage so a cheaper price it is...
  8. Titan Performance Modifications
    Hey im new here. ive always been a fan of nissan's my last car was a maxima and i can't have a vehicle without dumping lots of money modifying it to go fast! the nissan titan has always caught my attention and i think its time for a truck. they are pretty fast stock but i want it faster. Im...
  9. Titan Pictures & Media Post
    time, sun, clean truck, camera all came together about lunch time this afternoon.. checkout the new pictures of the TITAN/LAKE MEAD/BOULDER CITY. click on my album link below :eyebrow:
1-9 of 9 Results