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  1. Mod after Mod and still missing that Umphf!

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Ive done a lot of research through this site before deciding on modifications on my Titan. What I ended up deciding on was a Volant CAI Powercore with scoop, Stillen HP radiator, JEB stainless steel headers (shorties) Billy Boat catback exhaust (dual in/one out) and the Superchip flashpaq. Given...
  2. did a test and Managed to get 2.31 more MPG for eleven bucks

    Titan General Discussion
    I don't post on here hardly ever but need to being that I read the threads all the time.....but thought i would share the results of a little test I did over the weekend I have an 04 CC LE OR Ed w/33in Discoverer STT's. I also have dual straight exhaust (backpressure KILLER!!) and simple K&N...
  3. Getting better MPG!

    Titan General Discussion
    Well I'll be the first to admit this is a pretty worthless thread for most, but it may help someone out in the future. I filled the truck up today and I averaged out 14mpg. Before my alternator was going out. Sometimes it'd whine like a supercharger (sounded REALLY COOL!) but clearly it was...
  4. Big Titans

    Titan Suspension
    I would really like to see some pics of big titans. I would also like to know some specs like mpg's,suspension components,power loss noticed, etc.. thanks guys
  5. Are there no definitive answers on the Throttle Body Spacers (TBS)

    Titan Performance Modifications
    I am a patient person but today I must be grumpy since I can't find a good answer. :) I've spent 8 hours yesterday and 3 1/2 hours today reading all the threads I could about TBS's and what I've found is all sides of the scale as far as mileage is concerned. Some say they are junk and do...