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  1. Titan Performance Modifications
    i have an 07 titan, if i remove the secondary cats will the check engine light come on? will i lose or gain horsepower or will it just be louder? True Dual, ive read on here you will lose HP do to the backpressure, so some have said get a muffler with dual in dual out<will that add any more...
  2. Flowmaster Mufflers
    Frequently Asked Questions What makes Flowmaster mufflers different? Flowmaster’s patented “chambered” design is what sets it apart from any other muffler. The theory behind the design is based on basic principles of physics. By splitting the exhaust stream (exhaust pulses & sound energy)...
  3. Titan Performance Modifications
    Ok, you spintech guys, I am sold. I just shot an email to spintech and have not heard back yet, but am all set up on this end to do a 2.25 dual custom exhaust with x-pipe and secondary cats removed. Now I am afraid the Super Pro's will be too loud or the Pro Streets won't be loud enough. So...
1-3 of 3 Results