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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Ive done alot of work on my truck replacing seals , gaskets , hoses , belt , fluids etc after rats ate part of my wiring harness so i figured id do preventative maintenance. It still ran perfect but it was time to give her some love. After doing the first start up , the idle would not go down...
  2. Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    My truck makes this buzzing noise and continues to do so the entire time it’s running. Any idea what it could be?
  3. Buy/Sell
    I have a set of (4) 17x7.5" alloy 7-spoke wheels that are in good condition -- they have been in storage since 2012 so they have very little use. I purchased aftermarket wheels & tires and decided to hang on to them just in case I ever wanted to switch back although I never did. Located in...
  4. Buy/Sell
    I have some chrome running boards I just took off my 2013 crew cab. Comes with all brackets and hardware, minus one nut because I found out one of the studs had snapped off. Give me your best offer, in central NC area
  5. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hey ya'll, I bought my 06 Titan back in December of 2019. When I got it, the steering rack was really loose and caused a ton of slop in the front end and was quite dangerous. I replaced the bushings with polyurethane bushings and torqued the bolts to spec. The truck drove fine for quite some...
  6. Buy/Sell
    The only reason I'm selling is because I'm wanting to start a business venture and I don't use it as much as I could. So down sizing at the same time would be nice for life, currently. I bought this truck in 2018 with 3,000 miles on it; it now has 30,500 miles. It's my daily driver so it goes up...
  7. Titan General Discussion
    When I purchased my 2008 Nissan Titan a few months ago, none of the windows would roll up/down. The dealership promised to fix this but unfortunately they have not held up to there promise. I was told it was because the power to all windows ran through the master switch on the drivers side door...
  8. Titan General Discussion
    04 Titan LE... The steering wheel IS NOT locked. and the key will not turn in the ignition to turn the vehicle on. When you wiggle the shift knob around, you can hear a solenoid clicking, but the key still will not turn. Eventually, with enough fidgeting of the steering wheel/ignition/and...
  9. Titan Parts & Accessories
    BushWacker & Total Automotive Performance brings your the $50 Rebate Special!! Valid: October 10, 2014 - January 16, 2015 Limited-Time Factory Rebate Offer Now Available to our Customers. For a limited time, Bushwacker is offering a $50 factory rebate on our entire line of durable, stylish...
  10. Titan Parts & Accessories
    For the Month of OCTOBER we are offering FREE NEXT DAY AIR SHIPPING!!!!!! Total Automotive Performance - Las Vegas, NV 702-979-1577 | 888-244-6166 Airaid MXP and Throttle Body Spacer installed on TAP Shop Truck The Airaid MXP for the Nissan Titan, Armada & Infiniti QX56 is without a...
  11. Retrax Retractable Covers
    For a limited time, when you call in to purchase your RETRAX cover ask about our special offer for all TitanTalk members and guests. Hurry while the offer lasts! RETRAX Truck Bed Covers 1-800-206-4070
  12. Titan General Discussion
    I lost one of the bolts that holds on the engine cowl under the hood. When I went to Nissan (Tom Pea**** North Houston) they told me it would be $26 to replace it. I clarified, no I'm not replacing the whole cowl - just one bolt. The Parts Manager confirmed - YES $26 is for ONE BOLT! Have...
  13. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    For my birthday my dad said he would hook me up and get me some rims for my truck. He called me the next day and said that some people at his work said that aftermarket rims would screw up alignment, shocks, etc. I HIGHLY doubt anything serious could happen, I mean look at all the people on the...
  14. Titan Parts & Accessories
    I have recently bought a 2004 Nissan Titan King cab. One of my friends also has one and suggested that I put a leveling kit on it, he said it made it look so much better. Does it really make it look that much better? If so how many inches should I go? Here's a side view.
  15. Titan General Discussion
    I just bought a 2004 Nissan Titan and got some money to spend. The stock exhaust on it right now is okay but I'm looking into getting another one put on. Are there any suggestions on which types are louder etc. I don't know much so inform me. -Thanks
  16. Vaden Nissan Warranty
    Hello fellow forum members. I wanted to let you in on a little secret. The folks over at Nissan occasionally find it important to review their mechanical breakdown claims that fall under coverage for the Nissan Security+Plus suite of products. Nissan does extensive research and analysis of...
1-16 of 27 Results