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  1. Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Pretty cool shot of a Titan on the Nitto Website. Looks like it might have a Rough Country lift and an Avatar Metal Works front bumper.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I've owned my 2004 Titan CC LE since it was new. It now has 158k miles and I just replaced the shocks with 5100s a few months ago. Next week it's going in for a complete front end suspension overhaul. All these years and I have kept it stock, but I've decided to freshen it up...
  3. Buy/Sell
    stock 17" steel wheels for sale or trade..Will be at SD MEET! have some 17" stockers from a xe for sale or trade for some audio equipment... pm me if interested! They are wrapped in some nitto terras but not much life left on em and i do have the wheel caps and lugs. I WILL BE AT THE SILVER...
  4. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Ok so I got my 325 60 18 nitto tg's mounted up today at my local dodge dealership (have had dodges all my life get great deals there)... I knew these tires were too wide for the stock 18's but I researched alot and alot of people run them. They look... amazing. My only question is, should I be...
  5. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Hey guys thinking of putting on some new rims and tires. Since I just bought the truck and have not even seen it yet - on detail, I am wondering how fitment is with this truck. The truck is an 04 LE 4x4 off road. I was wanting some black rims. I like the look of these Pro Comp Series 7189...
  6. Buy/Sell
    Hey, I already have the rims but am looking for someone who has a set or a connect on the Nitto Dune Grapplers in 305 45 22. Or if someone has a rim/tire set up for sale I might be interested as well. Thanks.
  7. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    ok debating between two tires....and the size here...its either gonna be terra grapplers...33s on 20s....or kumho mts...37s on 24s...yes i know...big diffrence but im wondering the pros and cons of going big or relativley small....but i dont like the look of wide tires...i like the...
1-7 of 8 Results