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  1. Rock Crawling in Logandale,NV

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Playing around in Logandale Trails NV. YouTube - farrellbigred1's Channel
  2. Nice off road video

    Titan General Discussion
    Nice racing Vid YouTube - Team General Tire's Class 6 Off Road Racer Marc Burnett
  3. santa clarita /661

    South Western Forum
    plan to meet for some trails soon nothing extreme 2wd friendly:teethmast/4wd side trails:eyebrow: working on details:read:
  4. FS: Brand New Wheels!? 550$!!

    I have some American Racing ATX series Teflon Punisher Wheels that i am selling... SOLDD! I never put them on my truck and really want a different set of wheels(smaller size 17') They are brand new in the box, don't exactly know how much shipping would be but if your interested i can...
  5. new Goodyear tires cause swaying

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I just got 4 new Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires to replace the bald factory Bridgestones on my 05 XE. They are original size 245/75/17, but are LT tires instead of P tires. I've had 2 punctures in the factory tires and wanted something that could handle some light mud and gravel roads down...
  6. First Time Off-Road In New Titan...

    Titan General Discussion
    I have a simple/dumb question for you guys. I am planning on taking my Titan Off-Roading around the Flagstaff, AZ area in the first week of January. I have a 2006 SE KC, big tow, and 4x4. My question is, when should I engage 4 wheel drive? There's gonna be snow up there, and I'm not sure when I...
  7. XRC Performance Seats!! great for jeeps, rails, utv's! $395 for the set!

    These XRC seats meet the market demands for performance, style and affordability. The XRC Seat starts off with a Kodiak Frame which is one of the strongest tubular frames in the industry then complimented with high performance foam pack with a Contoured Single Suspension Liner, which provides...
  8. Anyone in the KC/Springfield Area

    Mid West Forum
    I have been looking for a good off road park to play in... Does anyone in the area know of good spots? I have just read about this place - http : //w w w . s m o r r . n e t / - Feedback? :cheers: