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  1. Oil pressure sending/ regulator unit and O2 sensors

    Titan FAQ & How to Area
    My 2006 Titan XE 4x4 always reads high oil pressure. A have noticed that at times it will fall but will then jump right back to high pressure. I believe the cause is a bad or stuck oil pressure sending / regulator unit. I have look online and at my manual for the truck but am having a hard...
  2. AMSOIL anybody? Looking for oil filter

    Titan Performance Modifications
    I run Amsoil synthetic in my 2008 Tahoe on the extended drain interval (every year under 15k miles) I can't seem to find the oil filter that fits the Titan on the Amsoil site. I'm looking for the Amsoil Ea filter that fits the 2007 Titan. Anybody on the forum running Amsoil and using the Ea...
  3. 2004 Titan leak posterior to oil filter connection

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    I am trying to figure out my leak. it is a constant run of oil leaking out. The leak does not seem to be running from above near the head gasket. Oil is clear, no milkiness, no smoke. so I dont think i have a head gasket problem. The oil runs off of the oil filter component. Oil filter seems to...
  4. Help help help

    Titan General Discussion
    Let me start with, Im retarded when it comes to engines. Yesterday, my Titan started losoing oil pressure. I was on the highway and it went down to almost none and the oil light came on. I stop it and restarted it after checking the oil (when looked a bit low) and the pressure came back. I get...
  5. first oil change

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    ok so this has been done before, but i thought i would post some comments on changing the oil for the first time. not new to oil changes, but here is an easy breakdown for even a person who has never done it. i read alot of threads seeing what oil to use and what filters to use its pretty...
  6. HELP -- Did the Part # change on oil filters???

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Went to the dealer to get an oil filter for my wife's 03 altima, and I know the titan uses the same filter. Get the part and look at the list of vechiles on the side and it's not looking good. I've tried to find the exact part number but the last letter isn't there. The part I have is...