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  1. stock vs lifted

    Titan Suspension
    ok i have searched time and time on this site and google so if anyone has a picture of a stock titan next to a lifted titan that would be helpfull thanks guys.
  2. I want my truck to look like this

    Titan Pictures & Media Post if anyone knows what the rims,tire,lift is on this truck that would be verry helpfull . also if you know how much any of theese cost? i tried looking on internet but nothing showed up.
  3. phillies clinched

    Titan General Discussion
    all you philly fans out there back to back world series? need closer i think madson should pitch 8 and 9.
  4. Lifted titans

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    lets see your lifted titan trying to see how much lift i want to go? so if you can post pictures
  5. 4" lift vs. 6" lift

    Titan Suspension
    hi i was wondering if there is a good 4" lift kit for a 4wd. i am debating eaither a 6" or 4" if anone has pictures of them both next to each other that would be helpfull or just one of the two is fine. i am lookin for something that is good and i wont have to replace a few years down the line...
  6. lets see your truck

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    lets see you turck tryig to get some ideas for what my truck is going to look like
  7. What to do

    Titan General Discussion
    :confused:i am looking to make my 05 se 4x4 custmized i am lookingfor suggestions for rims, grilles, sound, system, exhaust and flares. if you know some cool stuff please let me know it would be helpfull if you could post pictures if not its ok.