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  1. 2016+ Titan General Forum
    I’m just giving some advise on 1 lift kit specifically if your thinking about buying or already own the pro comp stage II lift kit that includes the pro comp coil overs you will have a problem. I had bought a pro comp stage II lift lit thru 4 wheel parts and they installed it a day after picking...
  2. Titan General Discussion
    Im looking for a 6in lift for my 2010 nissan titan 2WD. anyone know where i can get a good price on a quality lift?
  3. Titan Suspension
    im new to the site ive done a little researching but what im wondering is i have a 2wd titan and i have the pro comp 6 inch stage 1 what i wanna do is add the 2inch or 2.5 spacer on top of the lift and also take out the 3 inch block in the rear and add the fabtech 4 inch block am i going to have...
  4. Buy/Sell
    I have 2 Brand new Pro Comp 130 8" Black lights. I bought them and they do not fit on my light bar. Retail is $55 w/o shipping I will sell them for $100 with shipping obo. I will also straight trade them for black 6" lights if they are new or in ridiculously good condition...
  5. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Hey guys thinking of putting on some new rims and tires. Since I just bought the truck and have not even seen it yet - on detail, I am wondering how fitment is with this truck. The truck is an 04 LE 4x4 off road. I was wanting some black rims. I like the look of these Pro Comp Series 7189...
  6. Buy/Sell
    Two 9" Pro Comp Motorsports HID Driving Off-road Lights EXP9900's (only $600 for 2) Two 9" Pro Comp Motorsports HID Driving Off-road Lights EXP9900's High Intensity Discharge lights provide 4 times the output of our benchmark 130 w 8" lights and draw 60% less amperage per light. These lights...
  7. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Pro Comp 7089 17x9 Hub Centric 6x5.5 -6mm 4.75"? Mainly worried about the backspacing and rub. Anybody have pictures of how much they'll be sticking out? Any advice on what size Terra Grapplers to get? Looking for beef. I have the PRG leveling kit & PWM.
1-7 of 9 Results