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  1. R1 Concepts| New Carbon Alloy Geomet Rotors & R1, Hawk, and EBC Pads!

    R1 Concepts Inc
    Carbon Alloy Geomet Rotors We're happy to introduce to you all our new Carbon Allot Geomet rotors! These rotors are a new and improved version of our "Premier Series" rotors. Manufactured for european and heavy vehicles, our High Carbon iron formulations enhances noise dampening characteristics...
  2. R1 Concepts| New Years Limited Flash Sale on Brake Kits & Rotors!

    R1 Concepts Inc
    Happy New Year! This limited time flash sale is only for drilled & slotted rotors for the specific years listed below. Prices are at a great price so be sure to take advantage of this sale! BRAKE KITS FT/RR E-LINE SERIES DRILLED & SLOTTED ROTORS (SILVER ZINC) FT/RR PREMIUM CERAMIC BRAKE PADS...

    R1 Concepts Inc
    R1 Concepts Inc. is proud to offer Premier Nissan Titan Rotors! R1 Premier rotors provide the ultimate stopping power needed for demanding driving and harsh conditions. Manufactured using more Carbon, Chromium, and Molybdenum, these high carbon rotors offer increased braking performance and...