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  1. Rack mount bushing suggestions?

    Titan Suspension
    Hey all, I have a 2006 Nissan Titan LE with a 6" Fabtech Lift on 35x12.5 R17's.. I just purchased it private party from folks who bought it from the original owner (who had all the work done) and I'm slowly working out all the kinks. Recently my front end had a lot of slop that made driving...
  2. Nissan Titan Roof Rack

    Titan General Discussion
    I have been looking for a roof rack for my CC Titan and haven't had much luck. Tonight I ran accross p e r r y c r a f t racks and they have applications that fit the roof of the Titan! I was wondering if anyone had installed them on their Titan? I want to mount an roof tent on one and I'm...
  3. Back Rack Installed!

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Sorry for the ****ty phone pics, you think crackberries would take better pics, but I searched alot and never could find pics of a backrack on a titan. It went on so easily, a monkey could have done this. First is with the toolbox before a backrack, then mid-install, then final product...
  4. Adjustable Height Rack?

    Titan General Discussion
    So I did some searching and found plenty of racks out there. Has anyone installed an adjustable rack like the Thule XSporter 422 XT My main concern is interference with the UtiliTrack system, I'd like to avoid taking it out but I really want something that is height adjustable. I've seen the...
  5. Custom made roof rack

    Titan General Discussion
    My Buddy and I are thinking about making a roof rack for my Titan and another friends Titan. It would be a custom hand made roof rack and will be made with 1.5 in tubing and would have mounts for lights all the way around a shovel and highlift jack. also for antennas or anything else straps...