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  1. Buy/Sell
    For sale. New in box CSF 3328 radiator. $250.00 cash only. Pick up only. Located in North Anne Arundel County Maryland. First person to show up with $250 gets it.
  2. Titan General Discussion
    Quick question. Can I use the Asian Blue coolant on my 2008 Nissan Titan? They went from the Asian Green to Asian Blue around 2009 and I want some confirmation that its backwards compatible. I plan on doing a coolant flush for this upcoming summer and I prefer the color blue to the color green so🤷
  3. Titan General Discussion
    I have a 2012 Nissan Titan SV and I have heard many cautions about the dreaded SMOD problem with the radiator/transmission in many of Nissans vehicles. It would be hard to believe that they never fixed a problem that serious. I don't want to replace radiator or get cooler mod unless I...
  4. Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    This is a copy of a post I made on I have an Armada, but I think this information can be used for Titans. Please help me to determine which first generation Armadas and Titans are affected by the ATF and coolant intermix issue. I have searched this site and, and...
  5. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Total Auto Parts is NOW an Authorized Dealer for Stillen 3 Row Radiators Replace your Nissan Titan's old, cracked radiator with a new, efficient STILLEN radiator. Redesigned in 2013, the STILLEN radiator is specially designed to be a drop-in replacement radiator for the 2004-2015 Nissan Titan...
  6. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hello TT Members, I've seen a few Nissan Titan radiator threads popping up, so I figured I would put together a little guide as to whats out there for you all. I personally think the Koyo models are the way to go. TAP Auto Parts carries a wide selection of Nissan Titan radiators for OE...
  7. Titan General Discussion
    I recently had to replace a radiator because of over pressure in the system. I do not have any contamination in the coolant. At one point when I had overheated pulling several trucks out of the sand in El Paso, I opened the overflow and it shot coolant out like crazy .... I was wondering if...
1-7 of 7 Results