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  1. 2005 nissan titan rockford Fosgate stock radio genuine part

    Genuine nissan titan 2005 stock radio. Will ship. Eastern shore md. $130 plus shipping
  2. Headlights, Radio, Side Steps!

    $150 w/ shipping! Does not come with bolts. $150 w/shipping! Comes w/everything you see. $200 w/shipping. Does come w/bolts.
  3. Need radio help really bad.

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Ok, so I went to my dealership today and he told me my Titan was out of warranty. Apparently '06 Titans have a radio default that they basically break at a certain point of use. I'm not really sure as of what to do. He said to replace it, it would cost me about $540. I can't just spit that out...
  4. aftermarket wood grain double din kit?

    Titan Interior Discussion
    has anyone seen a dash kit in a different finish than the boring gray ones? i installed a double din pioneer ahvp4200dvd and used the metra kit and its the normal gray interior color. i want something different though to jazz up the plain monochromatic interior. does anyone make an aftermarket...
  5. XM Radio with no SAT buttom

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Ok I tried searching briefly but found nothing similar to my case or experience. Here goes, I have the XM/SAT antenna on the roof of my titan however on the actualy radio, faceplate I have no SAT buttom and if I use the MODE buttom on the steering wheel it goes from FM,AM,AUX,CD... no XM well...
  6. OEM 6 disc cd player

    I have an oem 6 disc cd player im sellin im debating to put it on ebay unless I sell it on here pretty quick...I got a couple of pics if you need it but you could always just look it up but it works perfectly I just upgraded...asking 100 for pick up or 110 located in nc. Thanks guys
  7. double din indash question...

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    im going to buy a Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD, im aware of the dash piece and installation but i was wondering if it will clear my shifter (located by my steering wheel not in the center console) while in drive if i ejected a cd? let me no if u know...