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  1. WTB rear off road bumper

    My Titan recently lost a fight with a retaining wall so Im planning to replace with a custom rear bumper. Prefer the KMA multicarrier, but KMA says they are several weeks out from delivery so anyone have a bumper they want to sell?? **Black rear bumper set up to mount back up sensors. Ill...
  2. WTB Rear Bumper, preferably with sensor holes

    Hi. Looking to replace a bumper that I had restraightened (after getting backed into) but is starting to rust. I'm in the San Diego area but anyone in SoCal will do. I'll gladly drill the holes if yours doesn't have sensor holes. Thanks.
  3. Officially Hate my rear bumper...what can i do?

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    I have an 05 king cab and I just put some beefy new tires and wheels on it to help it look a little meaner. I also just put on the pro comp leveling kit to help out too. The problem is i was taking some pictures the other day and i cant help but notice how the grey/ silver bumper sticks out...
  4. Need rear bumper for my 2007 Crew XE

    Need replacement bumper for my Silver 07 XE Crew. Surely someone has replaced their painted XE bumper with a Chrome one and have the painted XE just laying around waiting to be sold. [email protected] 931-797-6692 Columbia, TN.
  5. Recall for KC Door Wiring harness

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Well it turns out my 2004 KC Titans rear speakers aren't working. I bought this truck used about a month ago, and didn't even notice it for about a week. Not only this, but I figured out that everytime I open the rear passenger door to buckle my sons booster seat in the passenger airbag light...