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  1. Lift...Wheels...Someone help!

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Hey guys! I need help! I want to put a small lift on my truck to give it a bigger stance, and a good set of meatier tires, with some nice rims. I know jack about lifts...rims... etc. Any points in the right direction? kits, brands, anything. Its a 2 wheel drive so i want nothing huge(cause thats...
  2. Black or white lifted titan?!?!?!?!

    Titan General Discussion
    Hey everyone. Im buying a new 2009 Titan crew cab. Im looking for some pictures of lifted titans both Black and White to help me decide color. 1)With the White Titan Im lookingat a 6" Lift 35" tires 20" Black Rims?? anyone have pictures?? 2)With the Black Titan Im looking at a 6" Lift 35"...
  3. Buying used tires and wheels

    Preferrably 20 inch rims but must have 35" tires let me know what you guys got
  4. MotoMetal Rims for sale 18s

    I just took these off my 2007 nissan titan and these are less than 1 year old Chrome MotoMetal Rims!! These are 18x9 with a 6 lug by 5.5 you can buy them brand new for $270-$290 Details of Moto Metal MO950:Chrome:18x9 Wheels at...
  5. FS: Brand New Wheels!? 550$!!

    I have some American Racing ATX series Teflon Punisher Wheels that i am selling... SOLDD! I never put them on my truck and really want a different set of wheels(smaller size 17') They are brand new in the box, don't exactly know how much shipping would be but if your interested i can...
  6. Fabtech 6" Lift Kit, Fox Racing Shox, KMC Rockstars, and even a bumper...

    So here it is, I've got pretty much an entire lift setup for sale. And some other stuff. Fabtech 6" Basic Lift Kit Black, Fox 2.0 Pro Series REAR Shox Black/Chrome, Pro Comp Traction Bars, and Pro Comp Traction Bar Mounting Kit. All are brand new, in original boxes, never mounted. ASKING $1955...
  7. set of 4 wheels and tires

    SOLD Yokohama Geolander ATS 315/70/17 mounted and balanced on MB Razor rims with sensors included. The package has a total of 15000 miles and is in perfect condition. Looking for 350 cash and your stocks.. dont care if they are XE or SE just need to put on something.. I dont check the site near...
  8. I want 22x9.5 Monsters what tire size can i get

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Ok i have a 05 crew cab and i wanna put some 22's on it. I dont have a lift and want to get some Nitto TG's on it, i wanna know whats the largest size tire i can go and what offset to get the rims. someone please please help.. thanks
  9. FS: 18" Smoke Grey Rims Only (5 Spoke) - $450 OBO Shipped

    FS: 18" Charcoal SE Rims Only (5 Spoke) - $450 OBO SHIPPED SoCal SOLD I have a complete set of Charcoal SE 5 spoke 18" rims only. Gunmetal Style and NOT the standard grey. NO TPMS or tires included. Asking $450 Shipped to IL or East Coast or will take $350 for local pick in SoCal or $400...
  10. Wtb nitto dune grapplers 3054522

    Hey, I already have the rims but am looking for someone who has a set or a connect on the Nitto Dune Grapplers in 305 45 22. Or if someone has a rim/tire set up for sale I might be interested as well. Thanks.
  11. Biggest tires on Titan without lift??

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Im about to get a 05 Titan CC and im looking at buying some new tires and rims when i get it. Im not sure if i should get 18's or 20's, but i am wondering what the largest and or coolest looking tires are available without lifting the truck.
  12. WTB- 1 single stock rim for 2007 Titan

    Tonight I was driving home from work and on the way I was going up a hill and my truck lost traction going around a corner. There was a fresh spraying of that chemical de-icing crap on the road. My drivers side rear wheel was messed up pretty bad. Bent the rim and possibly the axle as well. Im...
  13. FOR SALE: Nissan Titan LE Rims

    Hey there, Sold my truck a few months ago *Tear* anyways, I had gotten new rims on it a year before and still have em sitting in my garage so I wanna put em up for sale, Rims are in great condition, the rubber itself though is pretty much nonexistent, so this is for the sale of the rims...