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  1. Buy/Sell
    Guys i am looking for a swap in gears for my 08.5 CC 4x4 Titan. I have the standard gears and i am looking to get the Big Tow gears or something like that to handle more "abuse", especially when i lift my truck. If anyone has info on new gears for my year model please let me know, or if you have...
  2. Titan Performance Modifications
    the shop near me recommends camburg upper arms. what do you guys think, should i go with these or ????? the price is about the same as prg & ncd. let me know what you guys think. thx!
  3. Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Well just how the title say guys beware for those who will run 17 rims on the 2008+ brakes and calipers set up cause even if the caliper clears just by 1/4 or the size of a business card don't take your chances. The reason i say this is because when i purchase my truck at the dealer.They lifted...
  4. Titan Suspension
    my setup is in my sig so i dont need to say what i have. i would like 3 more inches of lift on my truck with out getting a body lift. i have been thinking about getting a deaver pack and cranking up my front sway a ways. please let me know what i can do. thanks
  5. Titan General Discussion
    I need some help on a buying decision. I can't decide which truck to buy. With all the rebates and my GM credit card rebates I can buy a more expensive sierra 2500 hd for the same price as an 09 titan king cab 4x4 se. Both trucks are 4x4 ext cab with long bed and have power options. If anyone...
  6. South Western Forum
    Okay you guys we finally have a set date for this thing and it is....THE 26 OF SEPTEMBER(its a saturday)... we are gonna meet up during the day not sure exactly what time but at the begining of the trail and wait for people to come... then head through the trail and at the end by holy jim we...
1-6 of 6 Results