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  1. To reach Tundra HP...

    Titan Performance Modifications
    What general mods does it take for a Titan to reach the power/acceleration of a Tundra 5.7? I have read a little on Tundras and I'm not sure, but have heard they do not have chips/tuners available which would limit them greatly and left me wondering if the Titan is a more performance capable...
  2. Cat fishing tips please

    Hunting / Fishing
    Ok so I am going cat fishing hopefully this Saturday if nothing comes up. I'm going to Lake Jordan, NC. Problem is that I have never really done this before. Spent most of my life buried in books and never really had any time for fun. Was wondering if you guys could give me some tips please...
  3. Went to the auto wreckers today and look what i found!

    Titan Suspension
    So i had the day off today, so me and a buddy decided to take a 30 min drive to the nearest Auto Wreckers, i need the plastic piece on the top of the tailgate ( dirt bike ramp cut/scratched it pretty good) any way i saw a blue looked to be 08 Titan king cab 4x4 looked to be in a roll over whold...
  4. Short compression stroke?

    Titan Suspension
    Whats up everyone... i'm still rockin major newb status but i've only had my truck for a day and a half so what am I gonna do. So heres my question.... I noticed that when I hit a dip that is big enough to really compress the front suspension, I can almost feel it hit the bump stops. It just...
  5. Fully synthetic oil?

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hello, I have an 08 Titan with 8000 miles on it. How many miles must a motor have before you can run synthetic oil? Someone told me if you don't allow enough time and miles to the engine and you add synthetic oil, the motor will not "break in" properly. Anyone ever heard of this and is this...
  6. 2011 Ford Superduty

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Here's a link, whatcha think 2011 Ford Super Duty: The New Power-Stroking Pickup - 2011 Ford Super Duty - Jalopnik not sure if I like the front, but what I realy want to see is if the new scorpion diesel will have less problems than the 6.4 did
  7. Halloween Costumes

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Well its about time to start thinking about costumes. I REALLY want to dress up like leatherface, get a chainsaw from a pawn shop (chain off of course), and scare the poo out of kids (we get A TON of kids). The wife says thats too scary, so any ideas, or what are you going as this year