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salstats is cb's brother

  1. My new ride.

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Sorry guys I know Im going to get hammered here by most but I feel in love with this truck and just had to have it. Sold the t last night and picked this up this morning. Anyway here it is 2010 Ford F-250 Harley Davidson.
  2. Got a new job.

    Off-Topic Discussion
    So with the struggling economy and me just moving. I had to find a job fast. So i could cover some bills and give me money for college. Well i just landed it. I'll be working a 8-12am shift at Sherwin Williams painstore. I start to tomorrow. My club outreach advisor Titanws6 on here, Steve...
  3. Iced Tea Anyone???

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Raspberry is my new crack. It's so good. Problem is that I can't find it anywhere but at restaurants. Does anyone know if its sold at a store? It is made by Lipton
  4. Check My Lights Out...THEY ARE NOT HID BY THE WAY.

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Well how its say they ain't i bought them at the Nissan stealership they are the HALO's they sell for $35. BY the way this lights are from my 2005 titan i had before and put them on this truck its my 2008 so they are almost 4 years old and they are running strong. These are my regulars...