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  1. Titan General Discussion
    Having issues with my entire EVAP system, had to start at replacing my CAT, afterwards i needed to replace the 1444 (purge valve solenoid), then 0453 (EVAP pressure sensor) popped on along with 1446 (EVAP canister control valve), took care of 1446 today. Checked out the EVAP pressure sensor, but...
  2. Titan General Discussion
    My check engine light has been on for some time now. When I accelerate in a slow manor, my truck acts normal, as soon as I reach about 2500 rpms, my truck will jerk then choke. Right after that, the truck will misfire/backfire then slow way down. It died several times when at an idle at a stop...
  3. Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hey all, so here is the story, my truck has been pulling P1274 for a while... I finally came to the conclusion that it was my wide band O2 sensor. I have a Up Rev custom tune, so that is not the problem, and I took it too them yesterday to make sure everything was still in spec. As I was...
1-3 of 3 Results