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  1. Detailing & Truck Care
    I've looked through these forums before, and people have generally said that the speaker is probably shot. Well my speaker works, but the sensors pick up things that aren't there. Could this be a sensor issue, or would I just have to clean them, despite just having my truck detailed a month ago?
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    Ok this is pissing me off now. I was having problems with my ABS sensors. Both the fronts got changed out at least once this last year as every time I’d hit the truck with water they’d come on for a while. I had a good run with them off I must say. Last time I maintained them, dielectric grease...
  3. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    How hard is it to replace the tire pressure, slip and abs censors? I'm having a few minor issues with sensors my '08 Titan 4x4. It starting when the air pressure warning light flashed a few times and has been on solid ever since. The air pressure is fine and the book says if it stays solid it's...
  4. Buy/Sell
    I need to buy 4 tpms sensors part number 40700-ck001 for my 07 Titan. I would take a 5th if you have one.
  5. Buy/Sell
    I need an end cap for my driver's side grab handle / os bar on my 06 Titan crew cab. Heck. I'll buy the whole bar if I have to... it's the handle bar that's just in between the front door and windshield... I could also use a "cig lighter cap" for the rear seats' power jack. As you can see, I...
1-5 of 5 Results