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  1. Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Hello, I need some help getting my sirius radio up and running. I have an 04 with the RF system. I went online and bought the kit from Lee parts to with the sirius and the ipod. I hooked it up, and got the subscription. The ipod works fine, my subscription works when i log in online, but I...
  2. Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Hey guys, I've got an '06 LE CC with a RF system. No Nav, No DVD.... Is it possible to add a bluetooth kit so I can answer my phone while driving and hear the caller over the speakers. If so, is there an OEM accesory or module that can be added? I know that either the '07s or 08's have a...
  3. Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I have decided to take the plunge and install a new stereo/nav system in my 2005 Titan. I have gone back and forth on what I wanted, but ultimately decided on the Pioneer AVIC-F700BT. I like the feature set which includes nav, bluetooth, iPod interface, cd, radio, HD radio, XM, Sirius, SD card...
1-3 of 3 Results