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  1. Help On Replacing Dash Speakers

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I need to replace my two dash speakers. I have an 06 SE if that matters. Are those tweeters or just regular speakers and are there any regulations for replacing them? Also, any suggestions as to what I whould replace them with?
  2. adding subs to current RF HU system

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    what would you guys suggest? what are the cheapest but most quality options, and would you recommend a new amp/speakers/etc? i just want subs, but i'm not sure if it would just drain out the speakers. any feedback is welcome
  3. FS: Car Audio Parts (Infinity, AudioControl, JL...)

    I removed my audio system prior to selling my '04 Titan. I've moved on to other projects, and would like to clear my garage of all these old items. I say old, but these parts are in outstanding shape. I didn't have them installed for long and too exceptional care of everything when installing...