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  1. stock steal 17in rims and tires 150 w/o shipping

    these wheels are like 75% tred 245 75 r17 located in folsom ca. if close come pick them up
  2. Stock Ride Height?

    Titan Suspension
    Hey All, Noob here. Well, I had an Xterra for 10 years and was active on, now I drive a Titan, so I'm not a complete noob. I just bought a 2006 Titan CC Texas Edition. Does any one know what the stock / factory ride height is supposed to be? I'm not so worried about the...
  3. 2010 Pro4x Wheels n Tires

    I know i've talked about selling these in a couple threads on the forum, but i just wanted to finally post in the correct section with pics. Asking $1000 o.b.o for set of rims and tires (approx 1000 miles on tires)....wheels $500 $500 alone. Will entertain any reasonable offer...
  4. stock wheels for sale or trade

    stock 17" steel wheels for sale or trade..Will be at SD MEET! have some 17" stockers from a xe for sale or trade for some audio equipment... pm me if interested! They are wrapped in some nitto terras but not much life left on em and i do have the wheel caps and lugs. I WILL BE AT THE SILVER...
  5. WTT, Stock 18's

    WTT stock 18's for stock 20's or some aftermarket wheel, 18" or bigger. I am willing to give some cash along with wheels. Also I would trade for stock gunmetal 18's. MY wheels are the stock 5 spoke silver 18's.
  6. For Sale: Stock Battery (3k miles on it), Stock Air Box, Flowmaster 40 muffler

    I bought my 2004 KC Nissan Titan in January and the dealership put a new battery in it. I have the records that say they replaced the battery about 3,000 miles ago. I never "ran the battery dead" and it is in perfect condition. This is a great deal because a new battery is 89.99 plus tax from...
  7. '06 Titan Stock 18" Rims and Tire Q's

    Titan General Discussion
    My truck is almost completely stock. '06 SE Crew Cab - 18" OEM 5 spoke Rims - 265-70-18 SRA. I want to put Nitto Dune Grapplers on my truck without having to have a lift kit, a body lift, or bed leveler. is it possible to put a 285-65-18 Nitto Dune on it as is? What is the biggest tire you...
  8. Seriously Need Input

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Some Feedback for Good Tires My '06 Titan has some wearing thin Goodyear Wrangler SR-A's and they need replacing in a oil change or two. I have the stock 6 Lug 18"s; looking to powder coat my extra set of stock wheels black and get the new rubber. I have no modifications or anything special...
  9. F/S Stock Wheels and tires

    I have the stock 18's in perfect condition (besides dust) and brand new tires maybe 200 miles on them. I really don't know how much to ask but I need the space back in my garage so please make offer.