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  1. Better?? RC 3" lift kit or Bilstein 51s Cranked Up?

    Titan General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have an 05 4x4 Off Road SE, Want a larger size tire and a small gain in overall clearance, should I just buy a 3in lift kit from Rough Country with their shocks/ struts... or pick up 2in leveling kit with adjustable Bilstein 5100s? I have air bags on rear axle as well. Any advice...
  2. Bilstein Shocks and Struts for Titan for sale

    I have a full set of brand new in the box Bilstein shocks (rear) and struts (front) for sale. If you are interested please email me. I am selling these for $300 shipped. (lower 48 please). I bought these for my 08 Titan btw. Here are the numbers so you can see if it fits yours. Front struts...
  3. Rancho OEM Replacment help. Off Road Package

    Titan Suspension
    I know there has been plenty of discussion on this topic, but after days of research I am still unabl to find the answer. I have a 2004 Titan 4x4 off road package, that came with some crappy rancho suspention I blew out 30k back! lol anyways what is my best replacment for the best price. I have...
  4. new front struts/coilovers

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    I am about to buy new front struts for my 4wd 6"procomp lifted titan and i was thinking about the radflo 2.5 external reservoir or the sway a way coilovers and is there any difference between the internal and external reservoir on the radflos or is it just look any suggestions?