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  1. Upper control arms maxed out

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    I currently drive a 2014 Nissan Titan SV 2WD and I just got new tires put on today because two of the old ones were super unevenly worn. I also got an alignment done and they told me that the upper control arms on the front are maxed out so the front two wheels still have -1 degree of camber...
  2. MY17+ Air Lift Ride Control 59554

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    First post, but thought this may be helpful as there is not many aftermarket air bag systems for MY17-MY20 Titan 2WD. (BTW I have a MY17 King Cab S 2WD; non-XD). I bought the Air Lift Ride Control 59554 for towing upgrades before buying a travel trailer. This kit is not spec'd for MY17+ Titans...
  3. New to me 2018 titan SV crew cab

    Titan Suspension
    Just replaced my 2007 titan with a 2018 with 36k miles. I do a lot of off highway driving doing forestry management and surveying. I want to do a level lift and upgrade the shocks by 50k miles. Recomendations? I have had the rancho 9000 setup on the previous truck while not great I got an...
  4. Leveling kit .vs. lift kit question

    Titan General Discussion
    So i want to install a leveling kit on my 2019 Nissan Titan SL 4X4 but I also want to lift it 3 inches. Does a suspension or body lift kit also level it or do I need to put on the leveling kit as well as the lift kit. Thanks!
  5. Fox 2.0 coilovers installed

    Titan Suspension
    Just installed some Fox 2.0 Coilovers on my 2009 Titan this morning. My right stock shock was leaking bad and the driver side was just starting to leak so it was time for an upgrade. Decide to try the Fox out since I found a decent deal on them. I got to say I am not disappointed by them at...
  6. Rack mount bushing suggestions?

    Titan Suspension
    Hey all, I have a 2006 Nissan Titan LE with a 6" Fabtech Lift on 35x12.5 R17's.. I just purchased it private party from folks who bought it from the original owner (who had all the work done) and I'm slowly working out all the kinks. Recently my front end had a lot of slop that made driving...
  7. DK Mid travel kit , Moogs Coils springs and Billy's

    Got my 04 Titan brand new, since then it's been a project going on. I have a mid travel kit from Dirt King , Bilstein 5100 racing series with Moogs 81196 , Power Stop Z23 drill slotter disc brake kit with calipers , 17" Method wheels double standard with 37x13.5 17 BFgoodreach MK3 , Flowmaster...
  8. Wheel & Tire Package Discounts for Forum Members!

    Timeless Accessory Packages
    We are excited to be a new site sponsor here and offering exclusive discounted prices to all members! SAVE TIME & MONEY - Our specialty is Truck Wheel & Tire Packages, but we also carry a complete line of Suspension Systems and other accessories including Grilles, Bumpers, Fender...
  9. MAXTRAC Suspension Component Sale - 2-4-6-8" lift kit packages from TAP Auto Parts

    Titan Suspension
    MAXTRAC Suspension Component Sale - 2-4-6-8" lift kit packages from TAP Auto Parts TAP Auto Parts is now an authorized dealer of the entire line of MaxTrac Suspension for the Nissan Titan. Maxtrac Suspension's 2WD lift spindles are a simple, but extremely effective way of gaining...
  10. Bilstein Shocks and Struts for Titan for sale

    I have a full set of brand new in the box Bilstein shocks (rear) and struts (front) for sale. If you are interested please email me. I am selling these for $300 shipped. (lower 48 please). I bought these for my 08 Titan btw. Here are the numbers so you can see if it fits yours. Front struts...
  11. Rear shackle reported to NHTSA

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Like others on this forum, I've had problems with the shackles on the Titan. My right shackle let go and the leaf springs shot up and blew a hole right through the bed of the truck last week. I had both the shackles replaced, after reading about how poorly designed they were on here. Didn't...
  12. Slip light coming on and losing power after lift.

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    I put the Bulletproof Suspension 12 inch lift on and now when I go around corners fast the slip light blinks and I lose power. Is anyone else having this problem? Can you turn this off?
  13. Stock Ride Height?

    Titan Suspension
    Hey All, Noob here. Well, I had an Xterra for 10 years and was active on, now I drive a Titan, so I'm not a complete noob. I just bought a 2006 Titan CC Texas Edition. Does any one know what the stock / factory ride height is supposed to be? I'm not so worried about the...
  14. Lift Question

    Titan Suspension
    I just brought my titan in today to have a cst four inch spindle lift with two inch spacers installed, obviously totaling six inches. I am having nothing done to the back, and the truck is sitting on tires not much bigger than stock. I'm wondering how it will look; decent, goofy, etc?
  15. rear block 1" or 3/4"?

    Titan Suspension
    I have an 07 Titan CC with a 1.5" leveling kit. I want to increase the lift of my rear a little because I always seem to be loaded with something and I dont like the rear looking like it is squatting. My question is what are your opinions on what size block I should run in the back, a 1" or...
  16. power steering problems

    Titan Suspension
    i've got a stock '05 Titan 4x4 with about 45,000 mi. My steering feels fine at highway speeds, but when I brake to slow before turning a 90 degree corner onto an adjacent street, the steering becomes real stiff as if there is no power steering. Does anyone have ideas of what is causing this...
  17. Steering Rack Bushings

    Titan Suspension
    I have the new steering rack bushings that came with the PC lift kit. Can I install these without lowering the differential? I have taken out the 2 driver's side bolts, but am not sure how to push the old bushings out from the front of the truck looking backwards. Any help would be...
  18. Lift or Lower

    Titan Suspension
    What should i do for now? 2 inch shackle drop in rear or 2 inch leveling kit in front I cant decide
  19. Cheap lift

    Titan Suspension
    What is the cheapest 6" lift made for the titan. I don't want a POS lift though.
  20. Lift Help

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Hello all. new to the forum and i need a little lift help. i have a 3 inch body right now and i am thinking about going with another 3 inch susp. i know that the 3 inch susp is only spacers but my question is with a 3 inch spacer will i have to also change my rear shocks?? Also i need some user...