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sway bar
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  1. Titan Suspension
    I love my 2018 Titan SV but I really want to reduce body roll in the turns at higher speeds (freeway connecting ramps etc.). I use my 4x4 rarely and will most likely never be in a situation where reduced wheel articulation will be an issue. Has anyone here installed a thicker swaybar with...
  2. Titan Towing & Hauling
    Ok, to all out there... I am a fairly new Titan owner (about 6 weeks ago now -- bought new with 12 miles on it). This is my first towing-capable truck and it looks like I will have to tow my family's rather large and old TT for Memorial Day (the old-man's F250 died -- I chuckled, but that is...
  3. Titan Suspension
    I've got a pair of DR Coilovers from Greg about a year ago that have started making some horrible noises when i hit even a small bump in the road. My coil bucket isn't the culprit and all bolts are tightened. I'm about to send them in as Jeremy over at ICON is going to take care of me as...
1-3 of 4 Results