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  1. swtches

    Titan General Discussion
    Im installing some aftermarket fog lights and need some factory switches such as the cargo lamp swith or the tow mode switch. I have an 07 titan without foglights and i want to keep the inside still looking factory. If anyone has some switches or has done this can you please let me know where...
  2. Window Switch

    Titan General Discussion
    I have a 2004 Titan 4 door with the Big Tow package. The problem is this: the back passenger window operates normally from the passneger seat, however from the driver's seat I cannot operate the window. This appears to be the window switch in the driver's door panel so my question is: how do...
  3. Pre-Wiring for Sonar Back-up System?

    Titan General Discussion
    Does anyone know if a non-sonar equipped truck would have the pre-wiring for the sonar system? I'm really only interested in finding the plug for the switch that goes in the lower left dash. I have the diagram for that particular harness it looks liek it is supposed to be right next to teh...