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  1. 2019 Platinum Tailgate fit?

    Appearance & Body
    I've done some searching on this site for tailgate adjustment and I guess I have to count myself among the tailgate-anal crowd! I took delivery of my 2019 Platinum Reserve last month. The other day I noticed the tailgate doesn't seem to fit right. It is the same on both sides - but it seems to...
  2. Huge WTB Stock Parts List!!

    WTB: Bottle holders on bench seat KC (the ones under the radio) Gauge Cluster (supposedly mine was bad when i bought it and i cant go into anything but P, N, R, and D) Passenger KC door (got in a side swipe wreck awhile back) Passenger Rear KC door Passenger Bedside Fender Tailgate Either black...
  3. Cargo / bed lighting issue

    Titan General Discussion
    Have a brand new 2008.5 Titan Se. The cargo & tailgate lights stay on for quite some time after shut down. Not sure why. Cargo light switch is in off position. Any insight, anyone? Thx - Sam :eyebrow::eyebrow: