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  1. Ride Along: V8 Supercars Nissan Altima powered by Vk56

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Some cool videos I found of the Nissan Altima V8 Supercar, Powered by a 5.0l VK56 doing testing last weekend at Winton Motor Raceway. This thing is so fast and sounds incredible. Maybe one day you will see a TAP Auto Parts Nissan racing around.
  2. LOL. Seagull crashes into race truck, driver tosses it out like a boss

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Stadium Super Truck driver Justin Lofton had a close call of the Fabio kind (fabio seagull attack). Check out what happens next.
  3. Saudi Wedding Party

    Off-Topic Discussion
    It looks pretty fun to me. What do you guys think?
  4. Windshield Sun Screens at TAP Auto Parts

    Titan General Discussion
    TAP Auto Parts offers Covercraft and Coverking windshield sun screens. This is a great item for any vehicle -Especially Nissan Titans!! Click Here Now Get your Sun Shield now before the sun really starts getting hot and you start asking yourself, what can I do to keep my truck from getting...
  5. TAP Auto Parts Y-Pipe Feeler

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Hi guys, I read a lot of posts and it seems that some people want to buy just a Y-pipe section to complete their exhausts. We are entertaining the idea of producing 2.25" (Torque Monster) & 2.5" High Flow Y-pipes. They would look similar to the pipe below. We would need to produce them in...