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thats what she said

  1. What are these holes for? (2010 Titan bed)

    Titan General Discussion
    I was thinking about getting the overhead rack and dreading having to drill holes to fish the 3rd brake light harness down to the passenger side brake light harness (as listed in the instructions). I went out to look and just noticed these holes in my bed on both sides. What do you think?
  2. Anyone need 6 inches?????

    I have a ProComp stage 1 6" lift (1449.00) and the CST Titan Sway Bar end links to go with it(89.00) New NEVER installed I will let all go for $1200.00 Local pick up or arranged delivery in NC only. I am in New Bern.
  3. My tip looks funny

    Detailing & Truck Care
    The tip of my banks exhaust that is. Has anybody else had this problem with the tip getting a little funky looking. What kind of polish can i use to fix this? Sorry the pics arent that great. Looks like it needs some kind of a compound or heavy polish. ???????
  4. 12" not enough??? yeah im adding another 3 :]

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    thats rights guys...tomorrow i take my truck in to get a body lift...which means ill have a total of 15" around thursday-friday time.... oh and im getting a newer louder exhaust setup....well actually i think new mufflers :]] ill will get pics as soon as i can :redblob" and yes, i am...
  5. Her First Big Load!

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    Hahaha... you dirty minded freaks, it's the T hauling a big load of sod! Awww she did so well too!