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  1. Buy/Sell
    Set of 2020 Titan Pro4x tires with less than 4000 miles on them. 275/70/18 General Grabber APT tires. One wheel has a scuff, as shown in the picture. Lugs and TPMS sensors INCLUDED. $1150.00 Located in Moline, IL
  2. 2016+ Titan General Forum
    Does anyone know if a 305 tire will fit on a 2019 Nissan Titan Pro4x 18' wheel without rubbing. Or will the truck need to be lifted higher? Thanks!
  3. Titan Orders, Prices And Dealership Experiences
    Hey guys and gals. I have a 2021 Nissan Titan platinum reserve 4x4. What is the largest tire I can put in the stock 20in wheels with out rubbing or any mods or lift ? I’m looking at Nitto trail graplers , but an open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance Stephen
  4. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I used the search bar but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I have a 2019 titan sv 2wd. I am putting a 3 in front and 2 in rear leveling kit on it and I plan to upgrade the wheels and tires. I am look looking at 20 x 10 rims with -25 offset and 4.5 backspacing. The website says it...
  5. 2016+ Titan General Forum
    I just noticed that there was a continental tire recall for pro4x tires my 2019 came up on the recall list at General grabber tires are a division of continental tires it was for 2018 to 2020. It explains that the tire could separate and driver would experience sudden tire...
  6. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I’m thinking of adding a 5 gallon, portable air tank to the bed of the truck. The primary use would be for airing up after coming off the trail. I am running stock size tires. This is the only thing I’d use the tank for. Is anyone using a 5 gallon tank and can make some recommendations? How...
  7. Titan General Discussion
    New to the Forum and new to Titan ownership. Just bought an 06 SE with 140k miles on it last weekend. The main thing I'm noticing is what seems to be excessive noise. I've had several trucks, 92 F250 diesel, 92 F150 gas, and a 99 F150 gas. The Titan just seems noisy inside. Its closer in...
  8. Titan General Discussion
    Hey Folks, I have a 2018 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve 4x4 and I am looking at upgrading my tires. I am currently running the stock 275 60R20's but I am thinking about upgrading to a more aggressive look. I am really looking at the BFGoodrich : All-Terrain T/A® KO2 but thinking about going with...
  9. Tires And Wheels
    I'm running the stock Bridgestone Alenzas on a stock, no lift 2017 SV, they have about 40000 on them. Looking to replace with new all season tires, hoping I could get some good recommendations. I don't go off roading, so mostly city/highway. I live in New Hampshire where we do get quite a bit of...
  10. Tires And Wheels
    I have a 2017 SL 4x4 crew cab and I recently had a RC 3" lift installed. Now I'm on the fence with getting 285/60R20 AT's. I'm concerned about rubbing. Has anyone had success with a similar set up and 285's?
  11. Tires And Wheels
    Hello all! I just ordered a ReadyLift 2in front, 1in rear leveling kit and having it installed next week. I have stock 18’s and would like to beef up my tires. The ReadyLift product description says the SV with this leveling kit will accommodate a 305/65R18 tire and I was leaning towards the...
  12. Buy/Sell
    I'm selling my stock set of wheels of my 2017 pro4x. tires and tpms included. Wheels are 18". Tires are 275's. 27k on the tires. Located in Chantilly, VA. Will not ship. $550 and you can have them
  13. Titan Suspension
    I have a 2005 Nissan titan crew cab SE, it’s all stock right now and it’s time to replace the factory tires. I want to put a lift kit (3-6") and a set of 20" XD Rockstar rims and TOYO open country MT 35". I'm not sure if that will be the right combo or not. I'll been trying to do some research...
  14. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I have a 2005 NISSAN TITAN Short bed and I want to put a 6" lift on it with 35s on the stock XE tires... i know this wont look the best but i dont have money to buy rims... PLEASE GIVE ME AN ESTIMATE OF HOW MUCH 4 35 inch tires would cost (dont really want the expensive brand) AND PLEASE give...
  15. Titan Suspension
    I've got an '09 Pro-4X with stock 18" wheels with the stock 275/70R18 BF Goodrich's. As it's getting close to time to get new tires, I'm thinking about stepping up a notch to a 285/ it seems to be a cheaper size...and might even give it a better look. It'll be just a snatch taller...
  16. Buy/Sell
    I live in North Carolina, and I have a set of 05 XE OEM wheels for sale with the center caps and lugs, they are the gray steel wheels Im asking $70 for them and I have a set of 275/55/20 Yokohama parada tires for sale they are used but will pass inspection. Im asking $70 for these also. These...
  17. Buy/Sell
    FS: $400 '08 PRO-4x Wheels w/rugged trails -Harrisburg, PA UPDATE: FINAL PRICE DROP: $375!! Hi Guys, These were the stock wheels on my '08 Pro-4x. I bought regular stock wheels thanks to a heads up from this forum and like them better. 1/2 tread life left on the Rugged trails...
  18. Buy/Sell
    these wheels are like 75% tred 245 75 r17 located in folsom ca. if close come pick them up
  19. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    i have a 2004 nissan titan 4 door with the stock 17 inch rims. And was thinking about puttin some new tires on it and was wondering what sizes i can put on them with out rubbing or anything. Anyone have any idea on sizes? thanks
1-19 of 49 Results