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  1. Titan General Discussion
    Got a letter in the mail today- my '09 Titan apparently falls under 2 recalls- the fuel level sending unit and a more concerning one- brake pedal assembly. The letter indicates tht a part may have been manufactured out of spec and that the fix is replacing the brake pedal assembly... Appontment...
  2. Titan General Discussion
    Ok guys so I got a speeding ticket about a month ago and ever since then I've decided I could put a radar detector to good use. They didnt catch me with one the first time but it would make me feel a little more comfortable on the interstate and in town occassionally. I really dont wanna break...
  3. Titan General Discussion
    Well guys i need some help from you all, im gonna do my rear diff fluid since im at 32k and do a lot of hwy driving and im lifted on 35x so just wanna change it for my cheap insurance, peace of mind in other words. i know i need over 2 quarts for the rear since i have the stock cover. but i...
  4. Titan General Discussion
    First off....Hello all. Hope you guys don't mind me crashing your forum. Second, as the title implies....I'm new to trucks. I'm a Z Car guy who needs to tow his Z to the track. I'd really like to keep it in the family so to speak and the 2010 Titan I drove felt very nice. However....some...
  5. Titan General Discussion
    So i recently did a bunch of work on the truck. I removed and repainted all the badges on the truck black. I also bought so black door handles. Then the icing on the cake is the new fender flares. lemme know what y'all think. me drivin the senior float vvv
  6. Titan Performance Modifications
    heres a couple of more takes of the shift kit i installed. its called a TRANSGO RE5R05A HD2 reprogramming kit YouTube - nissan titan shift kit part 2 YouTube - nissan titan shift kit by transgo
1-6 of 6 Results