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  1. MY17+ Air Lift Ride Control 59554

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    First post, but thought this may be helpful as there is not many aftermarket air bag systems for MY17-MY20 Titan 2WD. (BTW I have a MY17 King Cab S 2WD; non-XD). I bought the Air Lift Ride Control 59554 for towing upgrades before buying a travel trailer. This kit is not spec'd for MY17+ Titans...
  2. 2008.5 crewcab fwd o/h console

    Brand new member here and first time I've ever joined a thread: Does anyone have or know of someone selling a tan overhead console? I have a sunroof thus need the smaller one. Bought this truck with it broken. Do you guys know if a cold air intake and high-flow exhaust make a positive...
  3. Trailer Hitches and Towing- Expert Advice, Tips, Videos and FAQ's

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    Towing is an important feature for any truck owner and having the right tools and information is critical to getting you and your payload safely to your destination. In this article, titled Trailer Hitches and Towing, we cover the basics and explore topics like brakes, wiring and installation...
  4. Newbie Towing Upgrade Question

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    Ok, to all out there... I am a fairly new Titan owner (about 6 weeks ago now -- bought new with 12 miles on it). This is my first towing-capable truck and it looks like I will have to tow my family's rather large and old TT for Memorial Day (the old-man's F250 died -- I chuckled, but that is...
  5. How do I tell if I have a 3.3 or 2.

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    I have a 2004 Titan 4x4 Crew Cab LE truck. I want to buy a travel trailer (which is why I bought the truck). The users manual indicates that I can pull up to 9200 lbs. But when I talked to a RV retailer, they asked me whether my truck has the 2.94 or 3.36 axle ratio. They said if I had the...