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  1. Nissan Titan News
    I just purchased a 2019 Nissan Titan XD with a 5.0 Cummins. I was wondering if anyone had any of the following codes pop up. If so, what was the issue? P0049(00) P226C
  2. Titan General Discussion
    So my '12 Titan SV 4x4 went into a limp mode the other day on me. Scanner is reading P1731 1st Gear Engine Braking Logic Error. Tech says my radiator is leaking coolant into my transmission and basically deteriorating my internal components(Clutch discs and sensors). Has anyone had this issue...
  3. Titan General Discussion
    Hello, I just purchased this 2004 Titan a month ago and was driving then all of a sudden the service engine soon light came on. I took it to the auto parts store and had the codes read. All the codes that appeared were: P0037, P0057, P1614, B1073, B1023, B1019, C1108, C1187, and C1155. I have...
1-3 of 3 Results