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  1. Titan General Discussion
    I have a 2005 Titan 4wd with e lockers. I changed my rear brake pads and when finished i went to drive it around, less than 2 blocks away from home and suddenly a loud metal binding / popping noise started coming from the rear driver wheel. I got it home and removed the rear e brakes. The...
  2. Titan Performance Modifications
    TitanTalk's favorite Differential for the Nissan Titan, the EATON Detroit TrueTrac is now on sale thru the end of October. Start off with TAP Auto Parts low price of 671 DELIVERED on this unit. Add a $60 direct rebate from EATON and you can have your Detroit Truetrac for over 180 off the...
  3. Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    I am trying to figure out a way to give my 05 xe 2wd more control and traction especially off road. I dont think i have limited slip but i am not sure. i have heard that getting a truetrac helps and i know that is a differential but i am not sure if that is in deed what i need to do. i...
  4. Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    My dad has an 05 LE Armada 4x2 with bigtow if that matters. Is the truetrac available for his ride or is it just us Titan folk... Thanks for answers.
  5. Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    I've decided to go with a TT, but I've got little tow gears. I've been looking long and hard at the RPM's with various gear sets in a spreadsheet and I really don't think I can go up to the 3.73 gears with my LT275/65R18 (32") tires. What I really need is the big tow gear, where I can...
1-5 of 5 Results