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  1. For Sale: Uprev Cable and S&B Filter Cleaner/Oil

    Updated: Available: Uprev Cable, S&B Red Oil, Cleaner, Applicators, Compression Washers Sold: Transmission & power steering fluids, Coolant Sold my 2004 Titan after 15 years. Since I didn't sell to an individual, I have some items left over: Uprev Standard Cable WITHOUT License on Cable...
  2. Wtb: Injen, cortex< or possibly uprev.

    Hello all, i am currently in the market for an intake prefer injen but will consider other. Also lookin for a Cortex or Uprev depending on the price> im located in central tx. Let me know what ya got cuz ive got money burnin a hole in my pocket!!!!
  3. $600 OBO UpRev Osiris with Cipher Cable and Software CD

    Hey guys I am selling my UpRev stuff, Everything UpRev sent me I will send you, the CD that is included is flawless so no worries on it not loading. I will return my truck to stock and get you the new cable license so that you won't have to worry about getting that yourself. **SOLD** Also I...
  4. Uprev, Bullydog, or Superchips?

    Titan Performance Modifications
    I am considering getting a tuner for my truck, mine is an 04, so it looks like Bullydog is out of the question for me. What is everyone's opinion on these? Thanks in advance :hi:
  5. Osiris 2.0 previous customers. (free upgrade)

    Titan Performance Modifications
    If you bought Osiris before Jun 1, 2008 you are eligible to upgrade for free to Osiris Tuner. If you'd like to apply for this update please e-mail us at [email protected] we'll need the following information from you. Contact Info Full Name: Phone: Address: Vehicle Info Year: Make: Model: Mod...